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First Postage Stamps of the liberated Korea


The Korean people could resume the issuing of their own stamps after Korea’s liberation on August 15 Juche 34 (1945).

President Kim Il Sung, who defeated Japanese imperialists to liberate Korea, grasped the importance and significance of stamp issuing and wisely led the stamp issuing of the new Korea. 

As a result, “Samson Rocks” and “Rose of Sharon”, first postage stamps of the liberated Korea, were issued on March 12 Juche 35(1946).  

President Kim Il Sung personally saw the stamps to give precious teachings which would serve as the guidelines in issuing the stamps and was glad to say that the Korean people became able to exchange letters with the Korean stamps.

The stamps reflected the Koreans’ desire for building a prosperous independent state and their ardent love for country.